Embrace it

Indeed.  One of my favorite comics, Non Sequitur had this yesterday:


I love it!  Embrace the Inanity !  As I oscillate between hope and despair,  the solution may well be to just embrace the weirdness of this time in US politics and roll with it.  I have noticed that tactic now from a few of my “POTUS Supporter” friends on Facebook.  Even if I post a refutation of some Twitter rant that clearly is based on dementia, perfidious postulating, or paranoia, the response is a “smiley” emoticon or some other oblique response. I think that is so folks who are not enamored of the current POTUS, look like “haters” or some other malcontents. TWO can play at that game and Wiley Miller nails it. Embrace the Inanity!

I’ll need to lower my IQ a bit, easily done by listening to country music, so my intellect won’t be too overtaxed by trying to reconcile the completely inane statements that emanate from the White House with reality. Just embrace it!

I’ll TRY…