Freedom in 2019

I doubt my resolution to keep up this blog will succeed but it is worth a shot: I resolve to be more regular in my blogging. Job and subject matter not withstanding, I hope I can make good on my resolve…

We think that freedom is lost when we are denied some prior right to access. Perhaps loss of freedom is when we could speak freely and no longer are granted that right. Or cross borders whenever and wherever we would like. But the current administration is stripping freedoms from us daily and we hardly notice. We used to freely discuss inconsistencies and challenge bad or misleading data. We are no longer allowed to do that as it is labeled “fake news”. In fact, normal discussion is no longer allowed. The discussion can only be about the President Himself. Discussing facts or engaging in dialog is no longer tolerated if it doesn’t center on the President. There is no freedom to make America Great in any way but the President’s way. All other avenues are “liberal conspiracies” or “deep state” activities.

There are gross exaggerations and outright lies coming from this administration every day. Without truth, there can be no freedom. Freedom is the living out of the truth of our Design every day. Freedom is acting on the truths that drive us onward daily. Lies derail freedom in every way. An administration that does not operate on the basis of truth is is as free as a dictatorship.

I marvel that our President can lie so openly and still receive support from his base. Most recently he insulted our Military by promising, in a lie, that they will finally receive, after a 10 year wait, their first raise. A raise of 10 percent! No doubt the families of the military would appreciate and even deserve a 10 percent raise. But it was a lie. But then again, lying is a natural as breathing in this administration.

My hope in 2019 is that somehow this damaged and broken and perhaps sinking ship of state with right itself in truth. We need the freedom that truth can only bring.

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