Irrationality in the Republican ranks

I rarely hang out on Facebook and I think I have been to TikTok maybe twice. But I friend of mine posted a link to a TikTok video that I loved. You’ll find that link here: Keep America Ignorant I don’t know what this person’s political beliefs are but there is SO much in the current cultural war that has been made political when it isn’t. Why don’t more Republicans who love this country and who actual have rational thought processes get engaged in the battle for our democracy? Instead we have right-wing sycophants who follow a single leader and thought thread to the exclusion of all others.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s voter rights, CRT, or health mandates to improve the health of the commonwealth, Republicans are against it. Why is that? Because there is a single off-kilter person whom they follow slavishly. No, I am not talking about Vladimir Putin, I am talking about Donald Trump. Why do they follow this guy? Because of fear. Fear to think independently. Fear to lean into what is right. Most of these folks are Christian. How do they reconcile their terrible behavior with the Truth?

I am not the smartest guy in the room. I am just grumpy. Because of what I DON’T see: moving this country forward takes BOTH parties. It takes collaboration. It takes compromise. We see the current outcome of single party imposing its will on the people when we look at Russia. Shouldn’t that cause us to row *together* and save this democratic ship before it completely runs aground?