Where to begin?

I haven’t been able to keep up with all the inane Executive orders rolling in from Pennsylvania avenue.  But, let’s start with the ban on refugees from the 7 Muslim countries our “Fearless Leader” recently signed.  Apparently, he isn’t too fearless because the reason given for the EO was to ensure our safety (his too, presumably).  So, that set me to wondering….of the 85,000 refugees and the subset of 38,000 that were Muslim that came to the US in 2016, how many actually committed a terrorist act?  How many are we aware of that actually planned a terrorist act and were caught?  And, of course, the condemning statistic that  makes this such a joke is how many US citizens committed terrorist acts here without having to worry about an entry visa?  This is all “straw man” politics!  Raising the specter of nations of Muslims just waiting for a visa so that they can commit terrorist acts here.  That dog don’t hunt, as they say here in Texas.

This delivered to us by a self proclaimed genius of a businessman!  Well, any businessman worth his salt makes decisions based on hard facts and there aren’t any facts to back him up.  Just “alternative facts” can can be neither retrieved or refuted.

The goal is pretty clear:  POTUS will sign executive orders that will confirm and support his campaign promises and when they eventually get overturned by congress, the courts or the will of the people, he will blame the Democrats, judges of Mexican heritage, and Liberals in thwarting his efforts.  If the White House even dug down a fingernail’s depth, they would find plenty of conservatives like me, grumpy and not so grumpy, that think his approach is all wrong.  A little rationality and compassion might even turn the tide.  But, as it is, compassion has no place in the White House and rationality, well, let’s just say it appears to have taken a vacation….